New Confocal Microscope at the Biomedical Microscopy Core

The University of Georgia’s Biomedical Microscopy Core has recently acquired a Zeiss LSM 980 confocal microscope with Airyscan2 and Multiplex Mode for confocal and super-resolution imaging.

This new state-of-art microscope is capable of fast, gentle, and simultaneous imaging of live and fixed samples with up to 5 colors (Blue, green, Red, Far-Red & NIR), and resolving structures up to 120 nm. It can be used for a wide array of imaging applications including protein co-localization, cytoskeletal studies, tiling of large tissue samples or a lot of cells, spectral imaging and unmixing of diverse fluorophores, and Z-stack 3D/4D imaging. It has an inverted microscope stand and environmental chamber with temperature control and CO2 for long-term live imaging. Moreover, the LSM 980 is fitted with seven different laser lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 543, 633, and 730 nm) and 32 channel GaAsP PMT + 2 channels MA-PMT detectors for performing spectral detection of a wealth of fluorescent labels from 380 nm to NIR range. The presence of Airyscan2 and Multiplex Mode allows fast imaging of samples at super-resolution levels.

The new instrument was purchased with funding from the UGA Office of Research and BMC (lease). It has been installed already at the Core and is available for training and use. Please contact Dr. M. Kandasamy, the Director of BMC for training, and refer to the Core website for further details about the instrument and fees.

The Biomedical Microscopy Core is open to all UGA researchers as well as researchers outside of UGA.