New Employee Information


New Employee Orientation

New employees and current employees changing benefits eligibility status will complete all required paperwork and obtain information about benefits in the UGA Onboarding System. An email will be sent to the employee from with instructions for accessing the secure Onboarding System.

Questions regarding the Onboarding System should be directed to Human Resources at 706-542-2222 or

New employees should also complete the New Employee Request for Services Form. This form provides information regarding UGA MyID, Parking, and access to libraries and Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities.

UGA MyID – Creating a UGA Email Account

A UGA MyID will give you access to UGA email and many other services on campus. To obtain a MyID, visit the MyID home page and select “Request a MyID”.

Email is accessed through the web. UGAmail can be configured to work with Desktop mail clients such as Outlook and Mac Mail.. For more information on using UGAmail with a desktop client, see EITS’s help website.

Your UGA MyId also gives you access to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, which can be installed on up to 5 devices.

See the Technology Checklist for setting up other technology needs.


Every employee should obtain a UGA ID card. For employees needing access to Coverdell Center, a proximity card is required. The UGA Card office is located in the Tate Student Center in room 309. The North-South bus travels from Coverdell Center to Tate Center.

Access to Coverdell

Access to the building and the laboratories is regulated by a proximity card. After obtaining your proximity card from UGA Card Services, you will need to pick up a Coverdell Access Request form from the OVPR front desk in room 147. After returning the completed form it can take 24 – 48 hours before access is granted.

Note: Access to the Rodent Vivarium can only be granted by Animal Resources. Please check with your faculty supervisor about the procedure for access.

If you are joining one of our labs that is not housed in the Coverdell Center, your faculty supervisor will advise you on getting keys and access to their lab.


Parking is available near the Coverdell Center in both the parking deck and surface lots. Parking Services at UGA is responsible for all lots and a permit is required for any one bringing a car to campus during business hours. The lots closest to the Coverdell Center are S14, S15, and S16. The parking deck in S15 offers an hourly rate for non-permit holders. If you prefer to walk, ride the bus, bike, or carpool to campus on a regular basis, Parking Services offers an Alternative Transportation Program.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Employee website provides information about benefits, retirement , training, and employee discounts.

Living in Athens

Athens is a great place to work and live. Athens was recently named one of America’s Prettiest Towns by Forbes and regularly appears on Best College Towns lists.

Cost of Living: Athens is an affordable place to live. You can compare the cost of living in Athens using this Cost of Living Calculator.

Apartment/Realtor Info: The Athens-area offers a variety of housing accommodations to fit just about any lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a downtown apartment or want a more rural setting, you can find it within easy driving distance to UGA. Here are some resources to help you find your new home.