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Research in my laboratory centers on the characterization of calcium homeostasis and signaling in the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. We are interested in acidic calcium stores and also discovering the molecules responsible for Ca2+  influx into the parasite.

We recently characterized Ca2+ entry in T. gondii and its enhancing effect during the lytic cycle of the parasite. We believe that a voltage gated calcium channel is involved.

We also characterized the vacuolar-H+-pyrophosphatase, which localizes to a novel compartment with similar composition and function to the plat vacuole (named plant-like vacuole or PLV). This organelle stores calcium and is linked to the endosomal system of the parasite and it stores important enzymes used for the maturation of secretory proteins. We are presently studying the function and biogenesis of this organelle and its role in calcium homeostasis.

We are also interested in the isoprenoid pathway of Toxoplasma gondii. Work in collaboration with other laboratories is centered on testing isoprenoid pathway inhibitors against Toxoplasma growth in vitro and in vivio.

Isoprenoids are an extensive group of natural products with diverse structures consisting of various numbers of five carbon isopentenyl disphospate (IPP) units. A central enzyme in the pathway, the farnesyl diphosphate synthases (FPPS) catalyzes the formation of farnesyl diphospate (FPP), a precursor of critical molecules of fundamental biological functions such as dolichols, heme a, cholesterol, farnesylated proteins and others. This enzyme is a validated target for drugs and bisphosphonates, which are specific FPPS inhibitors, inhibit parasite growth in vitro and in vivo. Our findings indicate that T. gondii is able to use isoprenoid intermediates from the host as well as their own supply. Our hypothesis is that the isoprenoid pathway constitutes a major novel target for the treatment of toxoplasmosis and propose a double hit strategy by using a combination of inhibitors against the parasite and host enzymes.

Research Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii, calcium, plant vacuole, phospholipase c, inositol phosphates, isoprenoids, farnesyl diphosphate

Selected Publications

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S. Moreno

Silvia Moreno
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