Animal Imaging Services

The Tarleton Research Group offers UGA and external researchers access to animal imaging services in the Coverdell Rodent Vivarium. Two Perkin Elmer in vivo imaging systems are available to meet your live animal imaging needs.


  • IVIS Lumina II – an expandable, sensitive imaging system that allows both fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging in vivo. In addition to imaging up to 5 mice or 2 medium rats, it can also accommodate petri dishes and microtiter plates for in vitro imaging.
  • Maestro 2 – can be used in either multispectral imaging (MSI) or monochrome (Mono) mode. It can perform region-of-interest (ROI) quantification using either user-drawn or threshholded ROI’s. It has a spectral unmixing capabiligy to unmix tissue autofluorescene from fluorescent signals-of-interest using more than three spectral wavelengths.


  • First time users of the IVIS or Maestro instruments must schedule a training session with Dr. Angel Padilla (
  • After the initial training, users may use the instruments on their own at any time. To schedule time on either the IVIS or Maestro, please use this form.

Access to Coverdell Rodent Viviarium

Access to the Coverdell Rodent Viviarium is by keycard access only. If you do not already have access to the facility, Angel will assist you in getting access during your training session.


UGA and external researchers are welcome to use both instruments.

  • UGA researchers – $50 per hour
  • External researchers – $150 per hour

Prior to using the instruments, researchers should provide billing information to Angel Padilla ( UGA researchers must provide a valid UGA account number and will be billed internally. External researchers should provide contact information as to where the invoice should be sent.

A log book is kept with the instruments to record use and billing occurs monthly.