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Angel Padilla

Note: Application for open positions must be made through the Human Resources website. Please click the apply button below the position description to be taken directly to the posting on the Human Resources website.

Postdoctoral Scientist (Posting # G/R22870P)

The Rozario lab is hiring a postdoctoral scientist to work on a bold and provocative project regarding long range signals that regulate stem cell dynamics in tapeworms. Classic work suggests that the rat tapeworm, Hymenolepis diminuta, may possess quorum sensing abilities that impact stem cell behavior within the regeneration-competent neck. Using modern molecular tools, we intend to identify the nature and mechanism of action of these extrinsic signals. This is a minimum 2-year position that is fully funded (by The Hypothesis Fund) with the opportunity for extension. Candidates should have a PhD in biological sciences with experience in molecular biology. Strong candidates should also have experience in one or more of the following areas: protein biochemistry, mass spectrometry, confocal microscopy, gene editing, microdissections, cell culture, or general cell biology. Talented and enthusiastic scientists from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in uncovering new insights from non-traditional model organisms, we are the lab for you!

Research Tech I (Posting # S09866P)

The Rosenberg Research Group has an opening for a Research Technician. This person will assist in daily operations of the lab. This includes the maintenance of tissue culture facilities, ordering, and organization of laboratory materials

Lab Manager (Posting # S09094P)

The Rosenberg laboratory has an opening for a Lab Manager. This person, in addition to carrying out experimental procedures, will be in charge of daily operations of the lab. This includes the maintenance of tissue culture facilities, ordering and organization of laboratory materials, and more generally supporting a positive laboratory environment and facilitating the carrying out of experiments by laboratory personnel.

Postdoctoral Associate (Posting #G/R20167P)

These post-docs will be part of the laboratory of Silvia Moreno to study Calcium Signaling in Toxoplasma gondii. The projects involve characterization of the role of specific calcium signaling proteins in the biology of T. gondii, and their expression and further physiological characterization using heterologous systems. These projects entail collaborations and training by Calcium channel experts and global analysis of calcium-triggered signaling networks.

Ca2+ signaling regulates pathogenicity of apicomplexan parasites, which cause persistent mortality and morbidity worldwide through diseases including malaria, toxoplasmosis, and cryptosporidiosis. The phylum member Toxoplasma gondii infects >2 billion people worldwide. T. gondii is an obligate intracellular parasite whose replication and dissemination within its host are the main mechanisms by which it causes disease. Ca2+ signaling is central to T. gondii’s ability to complete its infection cycle and thus its resulting pathology. However, many of the molecular elements of the initial Ca2+ signals in T. gondii are unknown or uncharacterized. We seek to discover these molecules, specifically, the channels that enable cytosolic Ca2+ influx, through the plasma and intracellular stores membranes. There is very little information about the functional characteristics and roles of Ca2+ channels in T. gondii. Channels are critical for the successful unicellular life of parasites, and they could be targeted by many therapeutically useful agents.

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