Job Openings

Angel Padilla

Note: Application for open positions must be made through the Human Resources website. Please click the apply button below the position description to be taken directly to the posting on the Human Resources website.

Research Professional II (Posting # S11520P)

The Rosenberg Lab is looking for a Research Professional 11. The primary goal of this position is to advance our understanding of the eukaryotic pathogen interaction with its host using the parasite Toxoplasma gondii as a model organism. A research professional in this area will actively design and execute research projects related to the molecular dissection of the T. gondii secreted effectors function in manipulating host cell signaling. Additionally, the incumbent will contribute to and support the culture of the lab which seeks to foster an active and engaging intellectual environment.

The incumbent will seek to develop a clear grasp of the historical and current literature surrounding T. gondii with an in-depth understanding of molecular techniques currently available and of the parasite biology, life cycle and host disease progression. As part of the routine experimental work the incumbent will be needed to become proficient in the routine culturing, host cell infection, and freezing/archiving of parasites and derived parasite cell lines within the lab and adhere to the standards of working in a BSL-2 facility.

Research Technician (Posting # S09551P)

The Joyner Lab has an opening for a Research Technician. This position will be responsible for performing and supporting research on host-parasite interactions during malaria by supporting the laboratory’s insectary and lab animal programs. The incumbent will be responsible for organizing and executing the laboratory’s animal experiments and ensuring that trainees and other staff have samples for their experiments. The incumbent will also assist in the rearing of Anopheline mosquitoes for research purposes. Other duties related to laboratory organization and maintenance will be assigned as needed. This position will involve working with multiple species of lab animals and some weekend and holiday work. Individuals who possess previous experience rearing mosquitoes and/or lab animals (small and large) are particularly desired for position.

Post-Doctoral Associate (Posting # G/R23884P)

The Huet laboratory is seeking a talented and enthusiastic postdoctoral candidate with skills in standard molecular and cell biology techniques, as well as one or more of the following areas: biochemistry, proteomics, and microscopy.

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