Job Openings

Angel Padilla

Note: For staff vacancies, application must be made through the Human Resources website. To search for openings in CTEGD, search by department name (VPR – Center Trop Emerg Glob Dis) or the posting number. If you are interested in a post-doctoral fellow position, please contact the principal investigator directly.

Post-Doctoral Associate (Posting # G/R13021P)

The Etheridge Research Group has an opening for a post-doctoral associate. Lead the characterization of several newly identified molecular components of the Cytostome/Cytopharynx complex of T. cruzi which will include genetic manipulations of the parasite and an analysis of resulting phenotypes using several established in-house assays. Position will work in tandem with our collaborators to develop parasite lines that will allow high resolution in vivo tracking of parasite colonization of its insect vector (R. prolixus) using luminescence and fluorescence-based imaging techniques. Additionally, this work will involve the production of parasite material for analysis via mass spectroscopy to identify specific host protein and lipid species being endocytosed by T. cruzi across all life cycle stages. Training in kinetoplastid parasitologist with training in both super-resolution microscopy, parasite manipulation and basic biochemical methodologies desired.

Student Lab Assistant-non research (Posting # G/R13199P)

Student lab assistant position to help maintain parasitology lab (malaria). Undergraduate student at UGA willing to work 6-10 hours per week; schedule can be reasonably flexible but hours should be over at least 2 days spread out during the week; reliable; training (safety and work related) provided. Non-science majors welcome to apply.

Training is provided, but candidates will be aware that this is a functional research lab and safety procedures will be followed.
Willing and able to learn as well as communicate work related issues and information with relevant co-workers.
Ability to use MS Excel and Word.


  • Washing glassware/plasticware by hand or by dishwasher.
  • Filling and/or sterilizing pipette tips, tubes, glassware, media, buffers, etc.
  • Processing biohazard waste following established lab procedures.
  • Making media, common buffers, aliquoting reagents, etc.
  • Helping to maintain lab organization (including database entries) and cleanliness as requested.
  • Occasionally unpacking incoming supplies

Senior Research Associate (Posting # S06425P)

A Senior Research Associate position is available immediately in the Kissinger Research Group. This senior research position will provide support for an awarded 4-yr project NIH R01 – “Capturing the genomic variation present in Cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis”. Work will be performed primarily with collaborators in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The major focus of the project is to conduct innovative research through capture enrichment whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics analyses of the resulting sequence to understand the global population genetic structure and variation during outbreak and seasonal scenarios of human-infecting Cryptosporidium which is the 2nd leading cause of severe diarrhea and mortality in young children in Africa and Southern Asia.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Competencies:

  • Experience with molecular and computational analysis of whole genome sequence data;
  • Experience with molecular biology experiments including PCR, qPCR, DNA purification, and library preparation for next generation sequencing;
  • Experience with sterile technique;
  • Experience working with pathogenic protists (biosafety level 2);
  • Well-developed oral and written communication skills and abilities to work both independently and collaboratively.

Highly motivated candidates who have a strong background in molecular biology, genomics, computational biology, and disease ecology research are encouraged to apply. Preferred candidates will hold a Ph.D. in parasitology, molecular biology, genetics, or another appropriate discipline and have greater than five years of postdoctoral, or equivalent, experience.

VEuPathDB Project Coordinator (Posting # S06325P)

The Eukaryotic Pathogen, Vector and Host Bioinformatics Resource Center ( is a dynamic, transdisciplinary project, providing on-line data-mining resources for the global community of infectious disease and public health scientists, in order to expedite discovery research and translational application. As a Project Coordinator, you will join a highly collaborative, multi-institutional and international team of >50 biologists, epidemiologists, curators, data-loaders, ontologists, user-interface specialists, software developers, system administrators, and outreach staff committed to providing intuitive and informative web interfaces for accessing and interrogating large-scale datasets that directly impact global health. The successful applicant is expected to bring an organizational mindset and scientific project management/administration skills to bear, helping to ensure efficient operations and communications. Experience in biology and/or bioinformatics is highly desirable.

The successful candidate will be highly responsible, reliable, and a resourceful problem solver, able to prioritize tasks and learn new things quickly, with demonstrated organizational and communication skills (both written and oral), and an interest in science management. Familiarity with computers and commonly used office applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, email, calendar applications, etc), collaborative communication technologies (Slack, Zoom, GTM, Microsoft OneDrive, Wiki, Google Team Drive, etc) and management tools (Jira, Redmine, GANTT charts, etc) is expected. Be able to work both independently and as part of a diverse team, i.e. knowing when to seek advice and input. Familiarity with any of the following is a plus: best practices in data management, scientific project management, team science, genomics and/or bioinformatics research.

Program Coordinator II (Posting # S01588P)

Program Coordinator position in a moderate sized, highly dynamic and productive research lab working in immunity to human parasitic infections using primarily mouse models. The individual will have to coordinate specific research projects and general lab functions. Duties will include coordinating budgets for multiple projects, meeting planning, agenda prep, travel arrangement, and scheduling. The incumbent will also assist in preparation of meeting and grant reports as well as manuscript and presentation prep. Project administration will also be performed (tracking work duties, data/results storage). Will also be assisting in the various permitting procedures required for a biomedical lab.

Completion of a master’s degree with 2 years of related experience; OR completion of a bachelor’s degree and 4 years of related experience.

Very good writing and presentation skills needed.

Experience in the biological sciences required.

Comfort with data storage and analysis preferred.