CTEGD Undergraduates Participate in CURO Symposium

teacher and student

Thirteen undergraduates from CTEGD labs will present their research at the annual Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Symposium on Monday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 4 at The Classic Center. Eight students have poster presentations and five students will give oral presentations.

Poster Presentations (Monday, April 3 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm in Grand Hall South)

Poster #211 Isolation of VAR2CSA DBL3x Binding Domains for Protein Expression. Rahul Katkar from David Peterson’s lab.

Poster #212 Effects of Plasmodium falciparum Derived Hemozoin on Expression of Inflammatory and Coagulation Factors in BeWo Cells. Trisha Dalapati from Julie Moore’s lab.

Poster #230 Structural Analysis of a Predicted Skp1 Glycosyltransferase PuGT8A. Nitin Daniel from Christopher West’s lab.

Poster #258 Attenuation of Trypanosoma cruzi by Fatty-Acid β-Oxidation Monotetraallelic Knockouts. Nidhi Aggarwal from Rick Tarleton’s lab.

Poster #259 Tagging Fatty Acid Metabolism Proteins in Trypanosoma cruzi. Evelina Kravchuk from Rick Tarleton’s lab.

Poster #260 Measuring the Expression Efficiency of Constructed Single Plasmid System in Trypanosoma cruziTre Justin Landry from Rick Tarleton’s lab.

Poster #261 Investigating CRISPR/Cas9 as a System for Gene Editing in Trypanosoma cruziLilith Renee Smith from Rick Tarleton’s lab.

Poster #263 Proteomics of CBL0137-Treated Trypanosoma brucei. Shanlin Shoemaker from Kojo Mensa-Wilmot’s lab.


Oral Presentations (Monday and Tuesday in Athena Breakout Rooms)

Session II (Monday, April 3 at 12:20-1:10 p.m.)

Room I Characterization of a V-H+-ATPase in Toxoplasma gondii. Eric Dykes from Silvia Moreno’s lab.

Session IV (Monday, April 3 at 2:30 – 3:20 p.m.)

Room I The Effect of Macrocyclic Lactones on the Canine Immune Response towards the Heartworm Parasite Dirofilaria immitisConnor Matthew O’Neill from Adrian Wolstenholme’s lab.

Room I Exploring Uncertainty in Models of Mosquito Vector-Borne Disease. Jack Owen from Courtney Murdock’s lab.

Session V (Tuesday, April 4 at 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.)

Room A Rapid Control of New Infections with Trypanosoma cruzi in Previously Infected Mice. Caroline McElhannon from Rick Tarleton’s lab.

Session VIII (Tuesday, April 4 at 2:00 – 3:15 p.m.)

Room B The Role of LNFPIII-Dex on Cholesterol Efflux in Raw 264.7 Cells. Catrina Kure from Don Harn’s lab.