CTEGD Faculty Participate in First Middle Eastern Biology of Parasitism Course

This past summer Boris Striepen and Rick Tarleton served as lecturers at the inaugural Middle Eastern Biology of Parasitism (MeBOP) course at the University of Bern in Bern, Switzerland. MeBOP is an advanced course for early career scientists from all over the Middle East, as well as from North and Sub-Saharan Africa who are interested in the biology of parasites and who are motivated by the potential of collaboration across all borders.

Lilach Sheiner,a former postdoctoral trainee from Boris Striepen’s laboratory, was one of the founders of MeBOP. Watch the video to learn about the collaboration that led to the creation of this training opportunity.

Watch the video for MeBop: https://youtu.be/BGECO_dgASY

Get more information about future course offerings: http://www.middle-eastbop.com/